The Rending

Earth has changed since the Rending happened. Humankind is no longer at the top of the food chain, having been pushed down and replaced with something far more dangerous and bloodthirsty.

The global catastrophe known as the Rending took place over sixty years ago, instantly resulting in the death of exactly half the human race, changing those afflicted into twisted beasts that sought only to eat and kill anyone they saw.

The change was so quick that people were barely able to scream before coming under assault by creatures that had once been calm, rational human beings. Densely populated areas like cities and towns became a killing ground for the Wolven, the name that would later be given to those who had been changed.

Not even the mighty armies of the time were able to come to the aid of their dying people, as they too were fighting for their very lives. Those that were combat capable soon themselves faced with impossible odds, unable to deal with the magnitude of what had happened.

Some were able to though, and their efforts still show today. Cities soon became killing grounds of a different sort, the slaughter no longer being so one-sided. Cluster weapons, vapors, and all manner of exotic and horrible weapons being unleashed to kill as many Wolven as possible.

Unfortunately not even that was enough, as the Wolven weren’t bound to just urban environments; forests, deserts, tundras, and more became their hunting grounds. Only a few areas have been safe enough to settle, and even now they come under attack.

Only recently, after decades of isolation, have survivor settlements begun to keep more than just intermittent contact with one another. Once again the march of progress continues on, with trade-routes and treaties becoming all the more common.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, the Wolven haven’t limited themselves to small raids on settlements. Just as people have been slowly coming together to ensure their continued survival, the Wolven have been doing the same. Small packs have united to form clans that can number anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand.

As human settlements seek to salvage the wreckage of the past for to ensure their future, they are beginning to encroach on territories that the Wolven have formed within that same wreckage.

Man and Wolven are likely heading into direct conflict for the first time since the Rending, and this time the stakes are very much the same.

The Rending

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