While much of the technology used before the Rending is still in use today, there are major differences in how they might have been utilized. Vehicles and computers were a part of everyone’s daily life sixty years ago, but today that is not the case.

Radios, computers, and many other devices are not passed around willy-nilly between people, and are instead assigned to someone, that specific person more often than not having the training to repair them, since they will be the ones most likely to encounter problems.

Transport is one of the things that is the most guarded within a settlement, as not only is it one of the lifelines to the outside world, but it is also a means of scavenging and transporting supplies.

That’s not to say that every bit of technology is being overprotected, of course. Over the years things have been made to be almost idiot-proof, enough so that they are handed out far more readily than some other devices. Flashlights, small arms, and bicycles are but only a few of the things that aren’t seen as “too valuable to be used”.


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